Great News!

In the last several months, the Port Washington School District’s administration and BOE have undertaken two reviews that demonstrate their commitment to supporting the academic and emotional health of all our students.

In a focus on improving curricula offered to advanced learners as well as enriched learning in the classroom, the district hired consultant Dr. Joyce Van Tassel Baska, Professor Emeritus William and Mary and past president of the National Association of Gifted Children, to undertake a comprehensive review of our district’s advanced learning and enrichment opportunities (K-8).

Dr. Van Tassel Baska spent a week in district meeting with groups of stakeholders, observing classes and analyzing curricula, with her report to the BOE expected to arrive in January 2017.  We eagerly anticipate the report and will keep you apprised.

We are pleased that the BOE’s policy committee has also initiated a review of the district’s homework policy, last completed in 1994.

Dr. Kathleen Mooney has directed all of the schools’ Compact Committees, comprised of parents, teachers, administrators, and students (Schreiber High School only), to review and discuss homework policy this school year.

Many districts across the country are reflecting on and subsequently revising homework policies to reflect current research on the design and length of meaningful, challenging homework experiences appropriate to grade level.

We hope that all of our members will engage in reading the recommended research in best practice and in participating in conversation about homework, stress and student well-being.

For your information, Compact Committee meetings are open to the general public; however, observers may not comment at these meetings.  Contact your building principal or Compact Committee reps for the schedule.

Port’s teachers and administrators alike have the best interests of students at heart and rely on your feedback to provide the best possible educational experiences for our children.

Your voice is important to the process.  Please support the development of best practice by communicating with school leaders both when you see positive developments, such as the reviews currently taking place, and when you are disappointed with outcomes.  Together we can create great opportunities for all our school children.

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