Homework…now what?

Thank you to the large number of attendees who turned out for our meeting on “Homework, Mindfulness, and Reducing Stress” last week. Those of you that were unable to join us can read the meeting notes here.

Because local, state and national conversations are happening in and around homework, the focus of the meeting quickly turned towards understanding and analyzing research on homework “best practice” and to local and national school district homework policies.

As districts near our own, including Jericho Middle School, are beginning to adopt innovative approaches to homework, we are encouraging our administration and board of education to revisit our homework policy last updated in 1994 to incorporate the latest research.

At the meeting many parents, especially those in the upper grades, expressed concern about students overburdened with homework and many seemed reluctant to speak up about their concerns, fearful of potential recourse.

AGATE encourages our members to speak with the classroom teacher or guidance counselor, if you have a student who feels overwhelmingly burdened by homework.  The classroom teacher and school administration will work with parents and students to successfully address the situation.  All of us have the interests of our students at heart.

If you are interested in advocacy for students in regard to homework, become a member of AGATE of PW and join our homework subcommittee.

For more information on this topic, email us:  portagate@gmail.com

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