Partnering with Your Child’s Teacher

October 23 at 9am
Weber Library

Children learn best when teachers and parents work together. These experienced, dynamic teachers will share their advice on how parents can develop a productive partnership with their child’s teacher and support their learning at home.

Our  panel includes:

  • Gail Martin (Salem, Grade 1)
  • Lorraine Bellman (Manorhaven, Grade 2)
  • Eric Sutz (Salem, Grade 5)
  • Heather O’Shea (Guggenheim, Math Specialist)
  • Elizabeth Shirian (Weber Counselor)
  • Laura Staib (Weber, Social Studies)
  • Joseph Lorge (Schreiber, Counselor)

Don’t miss this chance to learn to make the most of parent-teacher conferences and team meetings!

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